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Pulveriser Machines

-  Ability and control to give uniform and consistent Powder Quality.
-  Power required per kg. should be low for given mesh size.
-  Cooling of grinding elements must be sufficient and effective.
-  High Output rate to meet ever growing demand.
-  Ability to run machine un-attended.
-  All System protection to minimize breakdowns.
-  Easy to clean & short colour change over time. User friendly operation.

Vinodrai two stage pulverizer is work-horse for leading rotational moulders.

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Extruder Machines


-  Better Dispersion of Carbon Black / Masterbatch,
-  Barrier Screw design with mixing zone,
-  Auto loading/Auto MB Dozing/Auto Granule collection,
-  One man operation,
O/P : 180-200 Kg/hr,
Screw Diameter : 45mm,
L/D Ratio : 33:1,
Main Motor : 45 KW,
Total Power : 60 KW.
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Scrap Grinder Machines


Application of Scrap Grinder : Pieces of tanks cut in suitable sizes are feeded to scrap grinder which will grind it to a equivalent granule size. This can be feeded to Extruder for compounding with addition of certain percentage of master batch.

Construction of Scrap Grinder : Scrap grinder consists of set blades (one fixed and 4 rotating) A 15 HP AC motor rotate the blades at high speed. Construction of grinder body is of cast iron. Hopper for material collection and feeding hopper for feeding the pcs for grinding. Out put of grinder is around 50-60 Kg per Hr.
Motor HP : 15 HP,
Drive Mechanism : V Belt assembly,
No of fixed blade : 1 No,
No of rotation blade : 4 No,
Out put : 50-60 Kg per Hr,
Input material : LLDPE.
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